Thursday Night Low Life : Sheltered Housing

It’s thursday night in Cambridge Court.  Just outside my door there are a gang of low life shouting , swearing and having a rare old time at my expense. They are taking over the day room for the night and I’m sure they will appreciate the new paint job that some charitable persons did a few days ago. Mind you , those ‘charitable’ people don’t live here either and I for one did not ask them to paint anything……It’s a hot close night – there is no air but my front door is firmly shut to keep out the noise. I don’t want my door closed but I’m only a tenant and what I want doesn’t matter. Tomorrow night there will be another gang in the day centre None of them live in Cambridge Court either. All of this is organised by the bullies for their own benefit of course. They make very real political capital out of it all. And they use that capital to oppress the tenants. It’s a vicious circle and they are pulling the strings.

People , real people , old people have been driven to contemplating suicide here. None of this is a joke. This is serious stuff – it doesn’t  get any more serious. I call these people low life because that is what they are. Dublin City Council don’t want to know. Neither do the various health and welfare services.  The needs of abused and bullied tenants is not even a consideration for these people. So be it. I went to Dublin City Council once to try to have something done but they just didn’t want to know. So be it indeed.

I have often sat here in my flat planning how to take these bullies out. I have rehearsed in my mind how I might put them out of their  misery . They are after all miserable people will miserable petty lives and no one would miss them. None of the tenants would.  And I would be doing humanity a great service.

A few days ago a reader left a comment on one of my blog posts. They said they liked reading my blog but were not happy about the violent thoughts I expressed.  My answer to this is that I don’t care.  I care about the people in old people’s homes and sheltered housing complexes and such places who’s lives are often a living hell.  And I want to tell the truth , warts and all .  I’m not trying to make friends or  win respect or whatever. This is not some ego trip that I’m on.  Bullying is nasty , venial and violent and the nastiest people of all are those in authority who make a fine art out of looking the other way.. .The only people who are even worse are the do-gooders on the sideline.

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