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The Nightmare Continues

The nightmare of living in Cambridge Court continues. Last night I had to get out of bed at 3:30 am because of the noise. I tried sleeping in the community room but I was just too stressed to sleep ……tonight the pub across the road will pump out its noise untill just after 1:00 am and after that there will be at least an hour of shouting and swearing while the low-life makes its way home.

Nothing has changed here. Just more of the same….If you want to know what’s been going on just read my previous posts……I am destined to live like this untill I die. I think of death quite a lot…..but without this I would go mad – it’s a coping mechanism….And in Cambridge Court its all about coping from one miserable day to the next.



It is a long time since I posted on this blog. Nothing has changed. The misery continues. One miserable day follows another and there will be no respite untill I’m dead. Tonight is bingo night and the common room will be packed with people who do not live here – more of the same. I worked it out the other night that the common room has been used appx 1000 times at night by people who don’t live in Cambridge Court. They have had tea and biscuits and a nice time but not once have I seen tenants use the place day or night. I still have a notice in my window which says . ” I do not want to grow old with bullies” and not one single person has asked if there is a problem. Not one council official , not one social worker ……….




DSC00044This might seem like an innocent photograph but nothing is as it seems or should be in Cambridge Court. It’s bingo night and the tea has been set out……but not of course for the tenants. Most of them die without ever having tea in the common room. Tea is reserved for the bullies and their bully friends. It is nothing less than obscene.

This is supposed to be sheltered housing……..


Last night I placed and advert on Gumtree looking for a flat. I’m not holding out much hope as I could only afford to offer 450 euros a month. If I was to get a flat I would still have to pay for my flat here at Cambridge Court as there is no protection for tenants under Irish law and I could be evicted at any moment……I would only have 45 euros a week left to live on but it would be worth it .

As I write this there is a choir group in the common room enjoying themselves ……..tenants , as usual , are stuck in their flats….In a couple of hours time the pub across the road will start blaring out it’s noise. Same old same old.


I have , of late , being finding it quite difficult to write my blog. I’m constantly on edge , tense – I cannot relax and don’t feel well. I’m tired , but not in a healthy way…….I keep thinking that in a few months I will be 70 years of age and I feel every minute of it. They say that people live longer today but that really applies to middle class people who have comfortable or moderately comfortable lives. I often wonder just how I lasted this long but looking at it objectively it is reasonable to think that I may not be around for much longer. No one knows exactly when they are going to die but once you get to my age you begin to realise that you are running out of time and the pressure I’ve been under these last few years would be enough to kill a horse. And there is no way out…..there is no way out of this nightmare.

By the way , I don’t mean to sound like a misery guts but if I kept all this to myself I would have gone mad or killed myself a long time ago. One strange thing that I don’t understand – I seem to be the only person on the internet who has a blog chronicling bullying of any sort. I have looked wide and hard and I cannot find one , not one blog by anyone anywhere who is being bullied. I seem to be the only person in Ireland , UK or indeed the whole of the english speaking blogosphere who is telling their story of what life with bullies is really like. Perhaps they are all to intimidated …… but it is strange …..Nothing new has happened in the last few weeks and months -just more of the misery that went before.

It is just coming up to 1:00 am and the noise is pumping from the pub across the road , just as it was last night and probably as it will tomorrow night. There is a lot I would like to write but I’m just too worn out to concentrate……

I’m not dead yet

It is over two months or so since I last posted anything here. Nothing has changed …….the bullies are still running the place. No one cares.  I am , I suppose , wasting my time but what else is there to do ? Is there anyone out there actually reading the blog ?


A few weeks ago I had a meeting in Dublin City Council head office in Dublin. I had been invited to come in by a  Gerry Geoghegan , Housing Manager , DCC in relation to my complaint about bullying in Cambridge Court. It was of course a waste of time. It became quite obvious right from the start that he had no intention of doing anything. No matter what I might have said it would have made no difference. The man just didn’t want to know.  He had , of course , a vested interest in not wanting to give any credence to my allegation of bullying as he ultimately is the man responsible  for the running of sheltered housing units in Dublin and everything that goes on in them.

A few days later I emailed my local TD (MP) , Lucinda Creighton but she also was not interested. The bullying in Cambridge Court is still going on but no one wants to know. The message is clear. If you are a victim of bullying you are on your own. One other thing – ….. A few weeks ago one of my neighbours put an anti bullying poster in her window which read , ” I do not want to grow old with the bullies”.  The response of Dublin City Council was to try to bully her into removing the poster.  They did not even ask her who was bullying her ……..I put one of these posters up in the window of my own flat and the reaction from the local community has been interesting to say the least. Several people have expressed anger that my neighbour and I have posted these in our windows but no one has expressed any concern that we or anyone else  might in fact be being bullied.

Like I say , if you’re a victim of bullying then you are on your own. But every dog has its day as the saying goes.

Sheltered Housing Shattered Lives

I have seen neighbours of mine die in Cambridge Court. Lonely , isolated….worn out by life and incapable of fighting back. I have watched them quite literally being bullied to their graves…….and NOBODY cares….

From time to time we hear of someone in America who picks up a gun and goes on a killing spree….its usually called a senseless killing spree but there is always a reason and people rarely actually just go out and do these things…they generally give plenty of warning but no one is listening….nobody cares…..I mention this because I know how these people feel.

Before I came to Cambridge Court I used to live in a bed-sit. I lived there for 22 years and for the last twenty years never once got to bed before three or four in the morning. I’ve been in Cambridge Court for 5 or 6 years now and have never been able to go to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning. That’s a quarter of a century with never being able to go to bed  when I needed to regardless of how tired or ill I felt…..that’s a long time to go without a proper nights sleep.

I have seen people live miserable lives and die miserable deaths in Cambridge Court and nobody cares ….least of all Dublin City Council.

Nobody wants to know. It’s not that they unaware of what’s going on…..they have been told often enough….and of course the fact that there is a constant stream of people going on the transfer list tells its own story. People don’t apply for a transfer at 70 years of age just for the hell of it.

And then there is the bullying. There are people in Cambridge Court who like to bully……they have it down to a fine art and Dublin City Council look the other way. And there are a lot of other people who look the other way too….. I will tell you about these people over the next weeks and months so drop in and read my blog from time to time.

I will tell you everything….. I will give you the unvarnished truth.  …………….

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