The Bullying Continues

by louis walsh

It is 9 months since I last updated this blog and nothing has changed beyond the fact that I have gotten older. Yesterday was my 70th birthday and I’m feeling every minute of those 70 years. Some tenants have died but apart from that little has changed here in Cambridge Court. I was offered a new flat by Dublin City Council but when I went to check it out I found that like Cambridge Court it had a snooker hall !  That is all I needed to know about the place , I didn’t even wait to actually see the flat itself , the snooker hall told me all I needed to know. The fact that the council feel that a snooker hall is appropriate in a sheltered housing complex speaks volumes -. You can be quite shure that not one single council official has or would ever tolerate a snooker hall outside their front door.

These people really do have a contempt for the people they are supposed to care for.  In the meantime life goes on here as it has for decades now. The misery continues. The only escape from this relentless misery is death. I still have a notice in my window which says , ” I don’t want to grow old with bullies” but no one takes any notice although literally thousands have seen it. Not one single person has ever asked if there is a problem….and plenty of people are aware of this blog including Dublin City Council and the local Gardai.

So there is no help. I am on my own and other tenants are either too  intimidated or cowardly to do or try to do anything…