by louis walsh

It has just gone 12:00 at night. I’m sitting in my flat in Cambridge Court wondering if the noise from the pub across  the road will go on until one or two in the morning. Either way I will be up until 2:30 or later. If I was eighty years of age and in the last stages of terminal cancer it would make no difference – I would still have to wait up until the early hours of the morning. This is sheltered housing Irish style. Tomorrow  night it will be the same , and the night after. I’m not really sure why I am even bothering to record this.  I suppose it is  because I have nothing else to do but while I’m at my blog let me send out an appeal to anyone who might read this. Do you , dear reader , know of any blogs  by senior citizens who are being bullied or are living in a bullying environment ?  I cannot find even one. In spite of spending many weeks looking I still  cannot find a single one. So if you do know of any please let me know.

In a week or two I will be 68 years and to be honest I’m beginning to feel every day of it. How long can my body/mind cope with all this stress ?  Sorry for moaning but if I didn’t moan I would go mad……..