Cambridge Court at Night

by louis walsh

day centre 003

It is 12:30 at night and I’m typing this out in the Day Centre in Cambridge Court. I should be in my flat watching the world cup but the noise from the pub across the road has made that impossible.  This is no way to live. Six years living in Cambridge Court and 68 years of age and I have never once been to bed before 3:00 AM.  So much for sheltered housing. So much for the ‘caring community’.  This will go on until I die. The ironic thing is that many of the low life making noise in the pub tonight  have a free run of Cambridge Court when they want to play their bingo or whatever.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so sick. As you can see from the photo the Day Room is like a room in an institution ( which of course Cambridge Court is). I would be more than happy to buy some armchairs and couches for the place and maybe a coffee table and some rugs to make the place more inviting and comfortable but that would not suit the bullies. Making the place nice for the tenants would interfere with the bingo. And as you know , there’s money to be made at the bingo….especially if your a bully who runs the place as if it was his own personal fiefdom.

The Day Centre in Cambridge Court looks and smells like  an institution. It’s about as inviting as an institution too. This is the kitchen.

day centre 001

I’ve never seen a tenant , not even one , use that kitchen.  But three nights a week people who don’t live in Cambridge Court have the run of it. These people are friends of the bullies and there is of course money to be made in all of this. And political capital also……..everyone thinks the bullies are wonderful people – or rather they choose to believe it. If there is one thing that I have learned in this life of mine it’s that people are not stupid.  Nor are they blind.  They know whats going on but have their own vested interests in not knowing.  – It is now 1:15 am. There are still people roaring , cursing and shouting in the pub ( Sally’s Return – the dirtiest pub in Ireland) but the ‘music’ seems to have stopped. I’ll go home to my flat now and try and get the tail end of the match , if it is not over by now.  I’ll post this blog post tomorrow……

day centre 002