I’m Not Dead

by louis walsh

Just a brief post to let my millions of readers know that I’m not dead. I’ve been out of action for a couple of weeks due to my laptop being in the shop but now I’m back.  You’ll be glad to hear that the bullies are fine…..they are all working hard getting the garden / courtyard pretty for the summer…….there is of course money to be made out of it.  The council give out cash prizes  for the best garden and that goes into the pockets of you know who.  Also it helps  to create the impression that they are only concerned with making life better for the tenants/inmates. The day centre is being painted…….presumably for the bingo crowd and the choir/drama group , not to mention the ‘get a life’ group and anyone else who wants to use the place. It wont make any difference to most of the inmates however as they are far too intimidated to go near the place. Don’t forget what I said in a previous post……Call down and see the place anytime ….it’s open 24 hours a day. It’s better than a visit to the zoo…….