by louis walsh

Tonight is choir practice night in Cambridge Court , but not for the tenants…. While tenants sit in their flats looking at the walls a group from Sandymount are having a great sing-song in OUR day centre.  When they are finished the local pub will start off with its own brand of sing-songing……and that will go on till 1:30 in the morning . I’ll be in the day centre tonight washing my clothes at 1:00 AM just to get away from the noise . I’m now 67 years of age and will turn 68 in two months time and I have never been to bed before 3:00 in the morning since I came to this place.   It’s a nightmare…..I spend day after day thinking of death….The only thing that has stopped me so far is that I have not been able to figure out a way yet of taking the bullies with me….And that is what it all might come to in the end. I spend a lot of time sitting in my flat thinking of the best way of putting these bullies out of their misery……there’s not much else to think about in this hell hole.  Every dog has his day.  Isn’t that what they say ?   If ever two people deserved to die then  it is these two bullies…. Yes , every dog has it’s day.  ………….Just now this minute as I write this the pub across has started blaring out it’s noise so I’ll have to finish this up now as I cannot stay in my flat with this noise. I’m too old for all this …..and it will kill me in the end.   But I might just make Cambridge Court famous before that… The above was written last night. It is now 1:30 noon the next day and I’m sitting here wondering what time the noise will start tonight. With the summer weather coming in it will get earlier and earlier.  For over five years now I have had to walk the streets at night just to get away from this noise but  I’m getting too old now….    No matter how extreme it might seem it seems the only way to stop it is to burn the pub down some night…   .

I have tried to find a new flat without any success so what am I supposed to do ?