by louis walsh


Cambridge Court looks like a nice place. It’s even pretty in its own way. But looks can be deceiving. You can not , as the saying goes , judge a book by its cover. You would never guess to look at it  that some of the inmates of Cambridge Court went on the transfer list because they were feeling suicidal after a couple of years living there. Things aren’t always what they seem or claim to be. This is the public face of care in the community the private reality is very different.

It is , by the way , open to the public. The gates are never locked. It is used , that’s a very appropriate word , by the local community for bingo , snooker and just about everything  else. The day centre / common room can be hired for any occasion. All you need is the nod from the bullies and its yours. You won’t be bothered by the tenants….They are too cowed and intimidated to raise any objection.  Why not come down and check the place out.  Once upon a time people used to visit Bedlam for a day out so why not visit Cambridge Court.  Now that the nice weather is coming you could arrange to have a picnic or garden party in the grounds , and why not , half the population of Ringsend are doing that already…..’though you might find some of them a bit rough for your liking. But that I suppose is what gives the place much of its charm…..Bring the children down for the day.  Have a picnic and make a day of it.  There is even a little kitchen where you can cook yourself a meal and like I say you won’t be bothered by the tenants as they never go near the place. THEY have been put well and truly in their place and they understand that the kitchen is VERBOTEN for them.  Yes , the tenants know their place so you won’t be bothered by them.

Come one , come all.  Make a day of it. A few minutes drive from the city centre and Sandymount strand just up the road.  What more could you ask for ?  No appointment necessary …Open 24 hours a day.