by louis walsh

It is now two months or more since my neighbour and I put up posters in our windows which read “I do not want to grow old with bullies” and to date not one single person  has expressed any concern that there might be bullying going on in Cambridge Court.  Think of that , not one single person…….They  have , on many occasion , expressed their disapproval but never once their concern. Not one , not one single person in Ringsend has even asked what the posters are  about or what drove us into putting them up. In spite of the fact that care workers , social workers , council officials , various do-gooder and virtually every Tom Dick and Harry wander in and out of Cambridge Court on a daily and nightly basis still not even one of these people has expressed any interest much less concern. In the last few weeks we have had local politicians  knocking on our doors canvassing for some upcoming local election and not one of them  has shown the slightest interest. It’s little short of mind-boggling.  So much for care in the community……or a caring community.

All of this just reinforces what I have said several times in this blog of mine – that no one really cares……Dublin City Council don’t care. Local care workers don’t care. Politicians don’t care and none of the charities who claim to help older people care either. Meanwhile the bullies are thriving. The victims are ignored and if they object to being ignored they are marginalised…..and if they should fight back they are then blamed as trouble makers……It , as I’ve said before , an old story. This is how it’s always been.  Its an old Irish tradition. Blame the victim. The victim doesn’t matter. No one NO ONE cares.