by louis walsh

A few weeks ago I had a meeting in Dublin City Council head office in Dublin. I had been invited to come in by a  Gerry Geoghegan , Housing Manager , DCC in relation to my complaint about bullying in Cambridge Court. It was of course a waste of time. It became quite obvious right from the start that he had no intention of doing anything. No matter what I might have said it would have made no difference. The man just didn’t want to know.  He had , of course , a vested interest in not wanting to give any credence to my allegation of bullying as he ultimately is the man responsible  for the running of sheltered housing units in Dublin and everything that goes on in them.

A few days later I emailed my local TD (MP) , Lucinda Creighton but she also was not interested. The bullying in Cambridge Court is still going on but no one wants to know. The message is clear. If you are a victim of bullying you are on your own. One other thing – ….. A few weeks ago one of my neighbours put an anti bullying poster in her window which read , ” I do not want to grow old with the bullies”.  The response of Dublin City Council was to try to bully her into removing the poster.  They did not even ask her who was bullying her ……..I put one of these posters up in the window of my own flat and the reaction from the local community has been interesting to say the least. Several people have expressed anger that my neighbour and I have posted these in our windows but no one has expressed any concern that we or anyone else  might in fact be being bullied.

Like I say , if you’re a victim of bullying then you are on your own. But every dog has its day as the saying goes.