by louis walsh

A few months ago I made a formal complaint about bullying and intimidation in Cambridge Court. This bullying has been going on for years but Dublin City Council have done nothing to stop it and now they are doing everything they can to avoid investigating the matter. I have written many strong letters to DCC insisting that they investigate the matter but to date they have done nothing. I have no doubt , no doubt whatsoever that they will turn on me. They will try to isolate me , mark me down as a trouble maker and ultimately they will stand shoulder to shoulder with the very people who are responsible for years and years of bullying , intimidation and downright thuggery. This is what always happens in these situations and this is why victims of bullying don’t bother to report bullying and why they  have no fate in the authorities. The bullying is very real and so is the damage done to vulnerable people here in Cambridge Court.

Right now this minute as I write this the bullies are sitting in the day room in Cambridge Court.  It’s 8:45pm and it’s Bingo night. The day room is packed with people , friends of the bullies  , none of whom actually live in Cambridge Court. They are having a good time.  I , like the rest of the tenants am sitting alone in my flat.  It’s been like this for years and years….These bullies use Cambridge Court as if it was their own personal  fiefdom. Every aspect of life in Cambridge Court is dictated by these bullies. The day room is practically a no go area for tenants. The atmosphere is rotten. This is not a good place to live in . This is not a good place to die in.

Cambridge Court is a rotten environment to live in. But it’s not just Cambridge Court that is rotten. I was in the library the other day and I came across a leaflet by a charity called Carelocal (Crosscare).   It’s one of those charities that pretend to care for older people and  in this leaflet is a photo of one of  the bullies , smiling , presented as some kind of pillar of the community. I wrote to Crosscare over a year ago and explained about the bullying in Cambridge Court and they didn’t even reply. Crosscare is a catholic organisation so I should not be surprised that they are on the side of the abusers.  None of this is new ……..The bullies bully in the full knowledge that DCC and all the so called ‘caring agencies / charities etc will look the other way.  It’s an old story. It’s an obscene story but a true one and it’s been repeated over and over and over for years. The victim is as a rule too intimidated to complain. But if , by some miracle the victim does  find the courage to stand up and complain they become a victim twice over.  Isolated by the bullies they now are further isolate , intimidated and bullied  by the very people who are charged with protecting them . It’s  an old story. It’s a constant story and like the bullying itself it’s  been going on for years….