Dying in Sheltered Housing Dublin Ireland

by louis walsh

In may of 2013 a man was found dead in his flat in Beggars Bush sheltered housing complex in Dublin. He had been dead for five weeks.  No sooner was his body found than Dublin City Council issued a statement declaring that he had refused the liaison  services operated by the council. The fact that he may have had very good reason to decline the service was  not mentioned. In this case the response of the council was to make it clear that the tenant (victim ) was at fault. This is always the standard response.   In January of 2013 an elderly couple were found dead from hypothermia in a sheltered housing complex in Stoneybatter in Dublin. No doubt that was their fault too….Perhaps they were too proud to ask for help….isn’t that how these things are explained away ? – Just another way of blaming the victim.  Last week a man was murdered here in Cambridge Court.  It seems that the killer / killers knocked at the mans front door in the early hours of the morning and he let them in.   No doubt that if his family were to ask why the front gate of Cambridge Court is permanently left open for anyone to walk in  the council would be quick to blame the victim for opening his door late at night in the first place.

The victim is always to blame.  The institution will defend itself at all and any cost. The institution will never voluntarily accept blame / responsiblity or liability. The institution has a very real vested interest in insisting that the victim is at fault . And not just the institution but the charities / voluntary groups etc who work hand in hand with the institution.   Such people of course claim to be working selflessly for the victim but this can change in a heartbeat if the victim fails to show the respect  / subservience that these people expect. And God help the victim if he feels that he knows best what is in his own interest.

Do you have any information on Sheltered Housing or Bullying in Ireland ?  There is next to nothing to be found online  . I have only been able to find one report on Sheltered Housing and that was just an overview.