by louis walsh

In a recent blog post about bullying  I posed  the question ….. who is the more guilty , the person directly engaged in the bullying or the person who by their deliberate actions indirectly  facilitates that bullying. This same question might well be asked in relation to the death of Thomas Horan.  We don’t know who killed him. That’s up to the courts  and the Garda authorities. We don’t know how he was killed. We don’t even know why. ……But what we can say is that the killer/ killers probably walked in the front gate. It’s always open . It’s open right now this minute. I’ve just been in the day centre in Cambridge Court using the washing machine .  It’s 12 at night and the front gate of Cambridge Court is wide open.  Just a few days after a murder and Dublin City Council are happy that anyone , at any time , can just walk in to a sheltered housing complex for senior citizens.

Several nights a week various  groups of people use the day centre in Cambridge Court as a their own personal community centre.  There is a Bingo night ,  a womans group night etc etc  but you won’t find the tenants of Cambridge Court there. It’s been made very clear to them that they are not wanted.  To put the matter in plain english they have been bullied and intimidated out of the place.  Not only will you not find tenants in the day centre at night but you will find very few of then there in the day time. It is no accident that there are so many people on the transfer list trying to get out.  But to get back to the issue of the front gate….There are those who have a vested interest in keeping that front gate permanently open.   If the gate was locked only those who live there could go in and out  …. which is of course as it should be.  If the gates were locked , if a key or touch code was required to get in  the place  would be much quieter ,  peaceful  and much much safer.

Watching the news reports in the last few day’s , the constant repetition of , ” a sheltered housing complex for older people in Ringsend , ” I couldnt’ help but think that most of the  people  seeing these reports  have no idea just how unsheltered and nasty Cambridge Court really is  . And it is nasty. It’s not a nice place to live.  The atmosphere in the place is bad.  There is a little kitchen / canteen in the day centre where tenants can go and have a cup of tea and a chat but I’ve never actually seen it happen. I have seen people walk out the permanently open front gate to walk the streets for hours but I’ve never seen those  same people relaxing in the day centre. This has been going on for years. ………and none , none of this is an accident.  There are bullies in Cambridge Court who like it this way.

It’s now just gone 2:00 am and the front gate of Cambridge Court is still wide open. But it’s never locked so what’s the difference ?  You could say that the murder of Thomas Horan was just a tragic event that could have happened anywhere at any time but I don’t believe that.  The railings around the complex are quite hight and spiked.  Whatever the truth is the fact remains that  it is open right now. ……Anyone could walk in…..anyone who wants to does.

A couple of nights after the death of Thomas Horan there was a bingo secession in the day centre of Cambridge .Court. The people who attended that bingo secession had no respect for the memory of Thomas Horan. They came for the bingo……They don’t live in Cambridge Court but their needs come before the needs or safety of the tenant of Cambridge Court and one man’s tragic death will not  change that. The bingo nights and all the other nights will carry on and the gate will remain open to facilitate this. Gangs of people who don’t live in Cambridge Court , don’t pay rent in Cambridge will pour into the place night after night and if that means that someone else ends up dead so be it.  The people who ran that bingo night have been carrying on like this for years and will no doubt continue to do so. They are bullies and parasites . And the sooner they are evicted the better it will be for everyone.

Since the death of Thomas Horan not one single Council official has called out to check on the welfare of the tenants of Cambridge Court.  If there is some tenant who is not coping , who is traumatized  by these recent dreadful events then they will just have to cope alone. They certainly won’t be popping into the day centre for a cup of tea and some reassurance.