by louis walsh

Do you have any knowledge of bullying of older people in Ireland ?  Are you old , being bullied here in Ireland ? Or do you know of anyone who is old and the victim of bullying in Ireland.  I have not been able to find one , not even one case of bullying of older people in Ireland  on Google.  If you do have any information please do not hesitate in contacting this blog. This blog is primarily concerned with bullying in sheltered housing run by Dublin City Council and more particularly Cambridge Court Sheltered  Housing complex in Ringsend  Dublin- however all bullying  needs  to be exposed.

The problem  in fighting the bully is not the bully himself. It never was on will be. The real problem is that nothing will be done…..no one will want to know and if you , the victim , do find the wherewithall to stand up and demand that something be done  YOU will become the problem.  State bodies and charities who parade themselves as the protectors of the old and vulnerable are quick…..very quick to turn on the victim. I have seen this many many times and will be writing about it in future posts….I will be writing from personal experience and from what I have seen with my own eyes.

If the solution to bullying was simply to report it then that is what victims would do.  The victim is the expert. The victim understands FULLY how and why a culture of bullying sustains itself. The victim has an intimidate knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of bullying and bully culture. The word ‘intimate’ is important here as bullying is a  very personal activity………the bully knows his/her victim…..the bully understands the physical and emotional vulnerability of the person or persons  he/she targets. It’s a very intimate crime. And let’s not forget that that’s what it is …..a CRIME.  There is one critical point in all of this and that is that , as I have already stated , if the victim could free himself from bullying simply by reporting the fact to the relevant state , semi state or charitable institution then  he would do just that. And of course the bully would not bully in the first place if he seriously thought that he was just one complaint away from being evicted , sacked or dealt with in a serious manner.  Whatever else the bully might be he is not stupid….. The proof that bullying pays is the fact that there are so many of them. The proof that the caring agencies  don’t care , don’t know and don’t want to know is the fact that there are so many victims.

And  exactly who is the bully?   Is the bully the person doing the actual bullying or the agencies  that quite understandably don’t want to know ?  For decades we had child protection services  who had no interest in protecting children……..in recent times we have had financial regulators who had no interest in regulating anything..  For decades the media in Ireland  steadfastly refuse to report on clerical child abuse which is understandable as so many were educated by those involved in this  abuse but when the climate changed  ( ie the financial climate )  it became a different matter. If the truth be told a lot of neo liberal posturing and band wagon jumping has little to do with any real concern for people rights or dignity but a lot to do with  economics. ……and self interest.  Interestingly , if anyone has the temerity to challenge  the neo liberal prejudices of these now affluent  (powerful)  people they are  almost certain to be bullied……and there is a whole new neo liberal language to facilitate such bullying.

There are decent caring people within the system but the vast majority have a vested interest in not having the spotlight trained in their direction. A lot of people have a good well paid career in the caring services.  Others bask in the glow of public recognition …… The victim is a reproach to such people .  The very existence of the victim points to the possibility  that everything may not be quite as it seems. The fact that the victim is often poor and uneducated is also problematic. The general public is eager to believe that the myth of the caring institution ( in spite of the historical evidence).  We all to a greater or lesser degree look the other way and get on with our lives. …………….Like I say , if the bully was the problem there probably  wouldn’t be a problem.