Sheltered Housing Shattered Lives

by louis walsh

I have seen neighbours of mine die in Cambridge Court. Lonely , isolated….worn out by life and incapable of fighting back. I have watched them quite literally being bullied to their graves…….and NOBODY cares….

From time to time we hear of someone in America who picks up a gun and goes on a killing spree….its usually called a senseless killing spree but there is always a reason and people rarely actually just go out and do these things…they generally give plenty of warning but no one is listening….nobody cares…..I mention this because I know how these people feel.

Before I came to Cambridge Court I used to live in a bed-sit. I lived there for 22 years and for the last twenty years never once got to bed before three or four in the morning. I’ve been in Cambridge Court for 5 or 6 years now and have never been able to go to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning. That’s a quarter of a century with never being able to go to bed  when I needed to regardless of how tired or ill I felt…..that’s a long time to go without a proper nights sleep.

I have seen people live miserable lives and die miserable deaths in Cambridge Court and nobody cares ….least of all Dublin City Council.

Nobody wants to know. It’s not that they unaware of what’s going on…..they have been told often enough….and of course the fact that there is a constant stream of people going on the transfer list tells its own story. People don’t apply for a transfer at 70 years of age just for the hell of it.

And then there is the bullying. There are people in Cambridge Court who like to bully……they have it down to a fine art and Dublin City Council look the other way. And there are a lot of other people who look the other way too….. I will tell you about these people over the next weeks and months so drop in and read my blog from time to time.

I will tell you everything….. I will give you the unvarnished truth.  …………….