by louis walsh

             If you google Cambridge Court Ringsend or Cambridge Court  Dublin you will more than likely find yourself being directed to a blog called Silly Old Twit. This is my blog. It is my personal blog , a mixed bag of opinions on everything from Ian Brady to The European Union. I have from time to time written pieces about sheltered housing and Cambridge Court in particular but now feel that it is time to set up a dedicated Cambridge Court blog. There is one Cambridge Court semi official blog…..but that has its own dubious agenda. Hopefully you will find my new blog  interesting. I will post once a week so drop in from time to time. Comments (polite) are welcome as are suggestions and advice , good advice is always welcome.

                For what it is worth this is an honest blog from someone who is living the reality of sheltered housing. If you don’t agree with what I write that’s fine and I will be delighted to receive your comments.  Thank you and as I’ve said , I hope you will drop in and say hello from time to time.